Finally the NEW website is up!

It’s been a long while, long hours of working, consulting, correcting this and that, adding some crucial details and just making it the best it can be. It is with so much gaiety that we bring to you the official Levie Photography website! With this much exuberance, the results should be a Hollywood ending. Methinks.


It’s not been easy, this journey. The web design represents my love, my life, my bae, my personality. This is basically me. Kudos to the web developer, Murimi Kareithi (Bramble Consultants) who is also an amazing creative that has mastered his trade. Murimi was able to share in my vision, understand the kind of person I am and produce the best he could. The results of Murimi’s work is this beautiful website that I so much love, coupled with Almaz’s prowess in what she loves most: Writing and photography. Almaz has been able to share in the dream, pushing me forward for me to get to greater heights both imagined and unimagined. She is an invaluable addition to this project as the content curator and assistant photographer. We acknowledge we still got a long way to go. And we shall go..together.

Welcome to Levie Photography

Where we live in the moment.

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